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Zac DeLong
zac.delong@gmail.com (613) 979-1459
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Comments: I am looking to join a team for the 2018-2019 season. I curled competitively in New Brunswick's High School and Junior leagues for five years and have curled for the past 3 years with OSSC. I'm looking for more competitive club play. Happy to play any position. However, I have no competitive experience as a skip.

Brent Hardy
brent.f.hardy@gmail.com (204) 330-9734
MON       FRI    
Comments: I am a Manitoban new to Ottawa. I have been a regular curler from a young age but have been away from the sport for a couple years and would like to get back into it in the 2018/19 season. I am interested in the Monday Night Ladder League or the Friday Night Mixed. Open to playing any position, but have the most experience playing front end.

Colin Earnshaw
colin.j.earnshaw@gmail.com (613) 262-8446
Comments: Looking for two people (1 male and 1 female) to form a team with my wife and I for the 2018-2019 Friday Night Mixed League. We thoroughly enjoy curling and are looking to form a fun team.

Jill St John
Comments: Hi!

I am looking to join a fun team and get back into curling this Fall. I played recreationally for about four years (OSSC, Learn to curl, spare) but had to take the last few off due to full time work and part time studies. I'm open to any position but would likely be best as lead or second.


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