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Katrine Mallan
katrine.mallan@gmail.com (613) 862-4446
(613) 862-4446
MON       FRI    
Comments: Looking to join a team for the upcoming season (2019-2020). Five years experience. I've played in Friday night mixed and Tuesday Women's.

Bryan McSorley
bryanmcsorley@gmail.com (613) 854-6187
(613) 854-6187
      THU   SAT  
Comments: Looking to join a team for the 2019/20 season. Currently in the 1st year Getting Started League, and have 3 years experience at Lead in the Rainbow Rockers (playing out of the OCC). My preference would be to play on 2nd or 3rd.

Peter Murton
murton.pete@gmail.com (613) 371-8184
(613) 371-8184
Comments: 20+ years experienced recreational skip looking for an opportunity to play with a more competitive group. Strong sweeper, open to any position if the situation is right.

Radmila Duncan
duncan@rogers.com (613) 422-2786
(613) 422-2786
  TUE     FRI    
Comments: Interested in joining both the women’s and fixed missed teams for the upcoming 2019/20 season. I have 4 years experience (lead, second and third)

Sheldon Weatherstone
sheldon_weatherstone@yahoo.ca (613) 263-3810
(613) 263-3810
Comments: I am looking to join a Mixed Team. I am a very experienced skip and my lady partner is a beginner curler. Was a long time member of the OCC. Just moved to the Chelsea Curling Club last year. Cheers.

Radmila and Keith Duncan
duncan1216@rogers.com (613) 277-8751
(613) 422-2786
Comments: We are looking to join the mixed league on Friday nights. We are both experienced curlers (4 years exp) and have played in the lead, 2nd and 3rd positions primarily.

Kim Wilson
kimwilsonmenic@gmail.com (613) 282-6602
Comments: I am willing to play in any position. I have over 20 years experience playing in various positions (Ladies League as skip, Fixed Mixed as Third and and open leagues as Lead)

Olivia Crook-Simiana
oliviacrooksimiana@yahoo.ca (902) 448-3268
Comments: I’m hoping to join a junior women’s competitive team. I am also open to sparing. I am almost 19 and have 13 years experience. I’m confident in any position, but love sweeping so would prefer to not skip. I’m from NS, but play in the Sunday night uni league. Cheers

Vivian Chung
vchung.91@gmail.com (647) 236-8482
(647) 236-8482
  TUE     FRI    
Comments: I'm looking to join a Mixed and Ladies team. I'm 28 years old, have 14 years of experience and curled in Division A of my Mixed League in Toronto (moved to Ottawa very recently). I'm very comfortable playing any position except Skip. I'm especially strong at sweeping.

Scott Macdonald
Scottdmacd@gmail.com (613) 295-5799
    WED THU      
Comments: 7 yrs experience, looking to join a Wed or Thur night team as a 2nd or 3rd. Currently skip a team on Saturday mornings

Derek Brown
dbrown504@rogers.com (613) 793-5830
(613) 793-5830
    WED   FRI SAT  
Comments: 've been looking to expand my curling beyond The Rainbow Rockers.
Open to playing lead, 2nd 3rd.
Joined the RRCL 7 years ago.

Played in the C, D and E divisions with RRCL.

Brian MacDonald
brianmac73@yahoo.com (416) 827-8242
MON   WED THU      
Comments: Comments: New to Ottawa. Played last season at the Granite (3 nights). 25+ years curling experience. Can play any position, including skip. Strong sweeper. Played in the Travellers, Rideau Men's, City of Ottawa, and Silver Tankard spiels last season. Looking to play on a more competitive team.

Sandra Bimson
slbimson@gmail.com (613) 266-2865
Comments: My partner and I, George, are looking to curl in a mixed league. I am 56 years old, George is 58. I haven't curled in a number of years and George is an experienced curler from Alberta who has recently relocated to Ottawa.

Stéphane Tremblay
tremblaystef83@gmail.com (514) 803-8932
MON     THU      
Comments: 7 years of experience. Looking to join a team as Lead or Second on Monday or Thursday league. I currently play in the RRCL on Sunday and I would like to play twice a week!

Brent Hardy
brent.f.hardy@gmail.com (204) 330-9734
MON       FRI    
Comments: I curled frequently growing up, but then had a bit of a hiatus from the sport. Started playing again last year in the Monday night league as lead. In need of a new team for the upcoming season.

Laura Salisbury
laura.salisbury@carleton.ca (613) 853-8079
  TUE     FRI    
Comments: 3 years of experience, ideally will play as lead or second. Interested in joining both the women’s and fixed missed teams for the upcoming 2019/20 season. I'm also interested in sparing!

Ali Jenkins
jenkins.alessandra@gmail.com (416) 418-4900
  TUE     FRI    
Comments: Looking to join a team for the 2019/2020 season for either the Tuesday women's or Mixed leagues. Have curled for 10 years but took the last two years off. Comfortable playing any position.

Lana Edwards
MON TUE          
Comments: I am looking for a second team (I also play Saturdays) - i would prefer to play second but I am open to other positions. I have played lead and skip most often over the past 7 years of curling and am keen to build some new skills. Looking for a relaxed team who are out for a fun game.

Kelvin Chan
kelvinc@gmail.com (613) 808-0632
MON   WED THU      
Comments: Fifth year curler open to playing on a weeknight. Currently plays third on Friday, lead in RRCL

Victoria Hoy
hoyvictoria1@gmail.com (705) 991-2349
  TUE     FRI    
Comments: Hi there. I'm looking to join a team for the upcoming 2019/2020 season. I have 5 years experience from a previous city but haven't played in a couple of years. Looking to get back into the game. Willing to play any position.

George Philp
george.owen.philp@gmail.com (902) 225-6488
MON     THU      
Comments: Hi. I am a young professional who just moved to Ottawa from the East Coast. I am a rookie curler with a few month long learn to curl course under my belt. I watch curling regularly, but am excited to curl more often and hopefully join a team as a lead!

Kiefer Lypka
klypk028@uottawa.ca (306) 281-9281
Comments: Just moved here from Saskatchewan, and hoping to find a team with an additional interest in playing cards/cribbage and casual beers. +10 years experience, most recently played skip but interested in playing any position!

Gregg Reddin
cracsr@gmail.com (613) 421-7993
(613) 421-7993
Comments: Have curled for over 5 years. Currently playing Day League. Looking to play Lead or 2nd on Saturday team or 5th player might work too.

Tyler Paziuk
ty.paziuk@gmail.com (613) 316-8888
MON       FRI    
Comments: I've been curling most seasons since 2004. Mostly on teams, but sometimes just sparing. I usually play 3rd or 2nd, but I can skip too, and am hoping to improve in that area. The last two seasons, I've been on a team in the Saturday morning league and sparing other nights of the week. Looking to get on a team at 2nd or 3rd (or skip even) on Monday or Friday, to ensure at least two games a week.

Chris Fliesser
chrisfliesser@gmail.com (613) 688-5949 ext: 2243
(613) 794-8770
MON   WED THU      
Comments: Looking for a team. Young professional with 12 years of curling experience. Can play any position. Strong sweeper. Multiple years experience skipping in less competitive leagues.

Dimitri Jean-Paul
dimitri_jean-paul_85@hotmail.com (613) 880-7789
Comments: I’m deaf and my experience is 10 year current right now . I played my favourite role is second ! I m intressant to play for the cash game every Wednesday since I been feel in my dream and it give me a great challenge . I would like a join any team with me . If your team looking a player then let’s know .

Keith Ferris
Comments: Hello I have just moved to ottawa for trades school and im here for a few months. i curled in leagues back in northern ontario north of thunder bay. i can play any position and i am a very strong sweeper who can judge a rock good and I know the proper science in how to help or prevent curl. Im just looking to help out a teams front end and learn from others.

Darryl Hoving
darryl.hoving@gmail.com (905) 392-6603
Comments: Recently moved to Ottawa and looking for a team for Friday night mixed. Last year was my first year curling. I curled lead most of the season, and occasionally spared as a second.

Lydia Zervos
lydiazervos@gmail.com (613) 204-6824
(613) 204-6824
Comments: 25 year old female
I have my own shoes and a broom

Alexandre Larabie
alexlarabie551@hotmail.com (780) 232-3915
      THU FRI SAT  
Comments: 29 years old, 20 years of experience. Comfortable as lead, second,third or skip. Prefer recreational team, open to semi competitive team.

Rhoda Walker
walkerrhoda1@gmail.com (613) 226-3285
Comments: Looking to play Lead in the Cash League. I have 8 years of experience and have played on 7 teams each year.

Todd Senn
todd.senn.ca@gmail.com (613) 875-6464
Comments: Looking to build a Monday/Wed night Mixed Team, myself and girlfriend are experienced players. Also a Men's night any night of the week.

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