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Colin Earnshaw
colin.j.earnshaw@gmail.com (613) 262-8446
(613) 262-8446
      THU   SAT  
Comments: Looking to join a team as lead or ideally 2nd for the upcoming season (2019-2020). Currently play Friday night mixed.

Katrine Mallan
katrine.mallan@gmail.com (613) 862-4446
(613) 862-4446
MON       FRI    
Comments: Looking to join a team for the upcoming season (2019-2020). Five years experience. I've played in Friday night mixed and Tuesday Women's.

Bryan McSorley
bryanmcsorley@gmail.com (613) 854-6187
(613) 854-6187
      THU   SAT  
Comments: Looking to join a team for the 2019/20 season. Currently in the 1st year Getting Started League, and have 3 years experience at Lead in the Rainbow Rockers (playing out of the OCC). My preference would be to play on 2nd or 3rd.

Peter Murton
murton.pete@gmail.com (613) 371-8184
(613) 371-8184
Comments: 20+ years experienced recreational skip looking for an opportunity to play with a more competitive group. Strong sweeper, open to any position if the situation is right.

Brian MacDonald
brianmac73@yahoo.com (416) 827-8242
MON   WED        
Comments: New to Ottawa. Played last season at the Granite (3 nights). 25+ years curling experience. Can play any position, including skip. Strong sweeper. Played in the Travellers, Rideau Men's, City of Ottawa, and Silver Tankard spiels last season. Looking to play on a more competitive team.

Brian MacDonald
brianmac73@yahoo.com (416) 827-8242
Radmila Duncan
duncan@rogers.com (613) 422-2786
(613) 422-2786
  TUE     FRI    
Comments: Interested in joining both the women’s and fixed missed teams for the upcoming 2019/20 season. I have 4 years experience (lead, second and third)

Wes Delve
wesd@rogers.com (613) 688-4323
(416) 996-4113
Comments: Looking to join a mixed team. I can play any position. I am slightly competitive, love to win, but having fun is the most important aspect of the game for me.

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